F.A.S.T. Activities and Events

We meet the 4th week of each month, alternating between Thursdays at 2pm and Saturdays at 10:30am.

All meetings are held at Health South, 4399 Nob Hill Road, Sunrise, FL 33351, 954-749-0300.

Along with our monthly meetings we have planned activities for group participation. The goal is to make each of our events. Fun, Fabulous, and as close to Free as possible.


5/6 11AM BOCCI - Fun, Free & Fabulous !
Sunday Friedt Family Park, Lauderdale By The Sea
Bougainvilla Dr, North of Commercial Blvd
A game played outdoors similar to shuffle board. Lots of good fun. Bring your lunch. Restrooms and water fountain very close by.

5/17 4:30PM GLASS BLOWING DEMONSTRATION - Fun, Free & Fabulous !
Thursday ArtsPark at Young Circle, Hollywood
Meet for dinner 4:30pm, Demonstration starts 7pm in the park. Mama Mia Italian Restaurant 954 923-0555 (you pay for dinner)

Thursday HealthSouth, 4399 Nob Hill Road, Sunrise, FL 33351, 954 749-0300 Come & check us out - mingle, schmooze, see what's happening.


6/10 11AM BOCCI
Sunday Same as always and it's Fun, Free & Fabulous !

6/16 11AM SWIM DAY at HOLLYWOOD - small entrance fee
Saturday Driftwood Aquatic Complex
3000 N 69 Ave, Hollywood 954 967-4644
Come and swim with us ! It's easier than you think, just use the lift or
water wheelchair. Bring lunch, get a tan, relax and have fun.

Saturday HealthSouth

The following are some of our favorite activities

  • Bay Day – The 1st Sunday of the month is Bay Day at Shake-A-Leg in Miami. Shake-A-Leg is a not for profit organization started by a handicap person for handicap individuals. They offer sailing and boat trips on Biscayne Bay and the boats are specially made so they cannot tip over. One of our members, Al Bender, is an above knee amputee and he is one of the skippers for the sailboats. Bay Day is free, but we suggest $5.00 donation to help the Shake-A-Leg organization.

  • Bocce - The 2nd Sunday of each month we gather to play this Italian lawn game. We meet in a park in Lauderdale by the Sea, bring our lunch and spend a fun time playing in teams and trying to become good enough to challenge other Bocce groups.

  • Swimming Day - The 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month we go swimming at different municipal pools. The idea is to enjoy different communities and experience the handicap accessibility there is to offer at each pool. We bring our lunch, and after water time we enjoy socializing and sharing ideas.

We have also gone bowling and had pizza parties. Recently we have been organizing field trips to business whose services pertain to the amputee community. Every year we have a holiday party in December. We try to keep the cost affordable for members as it is a great time for all of us to get together and share some holiday spirit.

The Florida Amputee Support Team participates in activities within our communities as well. We have a table every year at the Broward County Disability Expo. This enables us to meet new people and communicate with other similar organizations. We also were at the Boca Beach Bash, an event for people with disabilities.

We do fundraising throughout the year to support our greatest mission which is outreach to people in the amputee community. We welcome everyone to join in our events and remember, your caregivers are always invited to partake in the fun.


F.A.S.T. Offers

• Support Group meetings
• Peer training
• Information programs & speakers
• Social activities
• Advocacy & education
• Para-sporting events
• Caregiver education & support
• Accredited Peer Visitation certified by the ACA